The Technoramus Chronicle – 1

When I told Policewoman that I was going to buy a cell phone, she said, ‘AGAIN?! You must buy the most that I know because you keep losing them or doing something to them”

“No way. This is like my third phone and I have only ever lost one”, I defended myself. Policewoman being who she is, made me count. The final tally was more than 3, but I still think I’m too much of a technoramus to be counted a cell phone junkie.

6 years ago… The Alcatel: The first cell phone I ever bought was this Alcatel… My favourite moment with this one, someone asking me “So, did you pick it up in Europe?” To a then extremely untraveled, 22-year-old me, this was pleasing at 2 levels… the tiny swish corner was rather thrilled the someone (on whom I had a bit of a crush) would think I was ‘picking up things’ in Europe and the rest of me fell off chair laughing at the thought of ‘me’ doing such a thing. 

All this phone did was voice calls and SMS, but it was my first phone, had lovely round edges, was not the ugly Nokia 3310 or 3315 that every one else had and had these replacable panels that could make my phone red or blue or whatever other color. 🙂

The First Phone!

The First Phone!



One response to “The Technoramus Chronicle – 1

  1. shankarnarayan

    If you still have that phone then i am impressed AND to make it clear Nokia 3310 was is and will be the best phone ever made period.

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