Good Morning!

I walked into the room at the wrong time but I couldn’t leave without picking up what I needed.

There was no pause in the harangue. On one side, all the office boys and security gaurds and on the other, the VP of HR, the office admin and the receptionist.

Admin says: “Aap ko jhukna hee padega. Hum bhi jhukte hain na. Saab ko bhi good morning nahin bolte ho. Unka kaam nahin karte ho. Thoda naram hona seekho.”.

Followed by the HR “Agar kisiko ko yahaan kaam nahin karna hai to bolo…”

Goosebumps from the embarassment. I’d just been wished a cheerful ‘Good Morning’ on my way in. I didn’t have what I needed but scuttled out anyway. Don’t have the stomach for such ugliness.

Now I’m thinking was I really being wished a ‘Good’ Morning? Would I rather not hear the ‘I’m having a horrible day because … answer’ to my ‘Hello. Kaise hain aap’

To put the honesty thing in perspective there was MTNL in the morning. They practice it. The call center agent feels perfectly free to be rude, say ‘madam. hum sirf general manager ka call handle karte hain’ and hang up on you.



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