Drought / Torka

Its been a long dry spell. Why? Well… its not like school. I don’t have to give excuses.

Really. I don’t.

So on to topic of post. Nothing deep.

I read a thriller type book that kept me occupied. That I was reading it after only mildly amusing tibetan mythology and definitely unamusing Black Swan, might have helped, but something tells me this one would have been a hit anyway.

Steig Larsson’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ is definitely readable. Whoever did the translation keeps using the ‘anon’ for soon which sent me into happy fits. I’m sure one can nit pick and say bad things about this series but the author, as they say prominently in the blurb, died soon after giving his publisher three manuscripts. Takes all the fun out of playing critic if one is criticizing recently and tragically dead guy. Sigh.

But really. Good book for a weekend. Go get it while I go see if someone is selling the next one in India.


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