Thanks Toinks! An easy-peasy topic for a post 🙂 The sixth photo from a sixth album… and its hoist with your own petard since photo is of you and the family.

Mummy holding a mummy...


For the general public… A year ago I went back to Dilli to meet all the babies. Ita is the latest arrival to our family.  This pic is of Toinks (doing her best aadarsh maa look), Sri (doing his usual goofy thing) and Ita outside the restaurant where Ita went for her first dinner out. She slept through it and blinked her eyes open just in time for dessert. Good instict girl! Even if you were too young to follow through 🙂


2 responses to “Tagged!

  1. Unrelated to this post..The poem is next please by Philip Larkin.

  2. hey … forgot about this pic only! thanks a ton 🙂

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