These people … They’re sworn to destroy us. Forget peace for now. We have to show them we’re strong.
We have laws, we represent civilization. Some people say we can’t afford to be civilized. I’ve always resisted such people.  But I don’t know who these maniacs are or where they come from…  …Every civilization finds it necessary to negotiate compromises with its own values. I have made a decision.
” – Golda Meir before ordering assassinations as retribution for Black September as quoted in Munich.

 ‘All this blood comes back to us.’  – Robert. A member of the assassination squad.

Munich was definitely the movie to watch at the end of a day where I heard conspiracy theories without being able to respond. – ‘The govt is not telling us but the death toll from the attacks is over a 1000. CST was the site of the worst carnage. Public bol rahi hai ki wahan pe cheh sau se zyaada log mare hain. ‘ 

The evidence to support this claim… the shooting happened on platform 11 – 14 just before the departure time of 3 major outstation trains.  Whoever heard of CST being less than crowded at 8:30 on a weekday night… The police never releases 100% of the death toll…. only ever state 50% of it.

Solutions suggested included bombing pakistan and targeted assassinations. And admiration for the rally (I heard more anger and intolerance on the soundbytes… but that is another thing entirely)

Sigh. What a world we live in.


2 responses to “Sanity

  1. One other possibility is what is euphemistically termed as covert “aggressive” action by RAW. After a directive in 1997 by IK Gujral, this is not on. Please see .

    As to whether this should be an available option, different answers are possible. My personal opinion is that this is what differentiates India from Pakistan. The fact that successive PMs of different political flavours did not agree to lift the ban (notwithstanding politicians being the month’s flavour of whipping boys) also lends support to this view.

  2. unconcievable …..Couldn’t think any human could be so inhuman. Nothing short of cold blodded murder this.

    And b*%^&* hell ….this was the same route I used to take to college …and countless others would be taking now!!!

    For me it was all symbols of humanism and pride lost…A “safe n free” city plundered ….a 21st century barbarism!!

    It was so hurting to see the city so close to my heart suffering for no fault of hers

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