Gender Benders

Some time ago I heard this one from a chappie who used to be in Market Research. He reported that in a survey for a feminine hygiene brand, they discovered men in the south used them. ‘Huh?’ He chortled, ‘They stick it on their shirt collars. Great sweat absorption apparently’.  Me dismissed this as attempt of chap to be funny. Heard  it elsewhere. Dismissed as urban legend.

The past couple of days the air conditioning has been on the blitz in the office. Our little corner of it has turned into an oxygen deprived sauna. The Chennai man on the team has taken to sporting white tissue on the inside of his shirt collar. When asked, says ‘I sweat a lot.So….’ (The rest of us do laundry, but this clearly is a man out to save the waters and detergents, if not the papers)

It seems that urban legend may be true after all. HSBC … your follow up to the washingmachine-makes-fab-lassi ad is here!


One response to “Gender Benders

  1. Please see this link I heard about “lassi” washing machines and the “Maruta” in Punjab about 20 years ago. So HSBC is a little behind times!

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