A couple of weeks of being like this… sick and sorry for self. The sum of the two added up to a constant sick of work quotient though.


Making up these graphs instead of neat little ones about home loan probabilties of default. Evil Me.

And an evil me, clearly needs music to suit.


2 responses to “Threshold

  1. G,

    Sorry to see the non-medical graphs. Maybe you need to come and see the doctor we both know, who also believes in the adage that puranpoli is medicine .

    And while I cannot see your youtube video as a consequence of modesty behind a proxy-server-purdah, the picture doesnt make me want to see it either. (My mother would have said the lady in the picture needs to get her act togteher, get out from there, and go running till she breaks out into a good sweat…..)

  2. Since my proxy server allows You-tube, I could see the video (as best as I could, given the unevenness of our connectivity). Since I couldn’t feel the lyrics, I tried a search for them on the net.

    Even after reading them, I must admit they don’t make much sense to me, except probably for the key lines “I told you I was trouble…” . However, I suppose tastes differ.

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