Smelly Times, Oyster Times!

A good day finally after weeks of misery and feeling like I had the Midas touch in reverse.

Took Dinky out today and promptly got lost on the straight road home. 🙂 But I was happy enough to drive around till I found the way. The car was finally the way I like things. The stereo had been fiddled with till setting to suit Mr. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice happened. The seat was back upright just the way I like it. Things were temperate and there was no taxi driver to laugh when I started singing.

Ye! The world is my oyster again!


3 responses to “Smelly Times, Oyster Times!

  1. Congratulations ( I see you have successfully done the licence stuff :-)) , and hope you have a good time singing. Dont know about laughing taxi drivers, but if you ever drive on our side of town on the main road, you are likely to meet uniformed types with a Midas touch of a different type.

    And talking of oysters , may be you can give the guys some pearls of wisdom then.

  2. Hey, new car or what??? What color? Make etc,? What have you named car?

    Umm… was the header from ‘Lost in Translation’.. the “Good times are Santori times”? 🙂

  3. gayatri,

    something for you at my blogsite. Will go very well with the new car ……:-)

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