The Search is Over

I lau Bhavesh Bhinde. Do you?

In Triplicate!

In Triplicate!





My personal fave 🙂


4 responses to “The Search is Over

  1. For some reason I feel ….thank god …it’s bye-bye mumbai from me.

    In our times the hoarding wouldn’t have been these this side of ghatkopar.

    who is this guy? ….And i want to know what he does?!!!

  2. The search certainly comes to an end. I give up.

    On the other hand, maybe there are some, who think, (as all the smart types say these days), that “B. Bhinde rocks” ? :-):-)

  3. Some one seems to have taken to carrying a camera everywhere. Don’t say things like those squeaky small ones fitted on phones now.

  4. I’m a BIG FAN of this guy. He even put up a hoarding on Mulund Station – a picture of him with the Sony C.I.D crew.. It said -“Watch me on Wednesday, 8 p.m.!! I’m on C.I.D!!”

    Sigh. My knight on shining vinyl.

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