Scary Numbers

This article led me to this site tracking terrorism incidents.

The sentence from the article that got to me…

“a set of data released by the US National Counter-terrorism Center shows that India was the fourth worst hit by terrorism in 2007, after Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. About 17,000 people have been killed since 2004 in 3,197 terrorist hits in the country.”


One response to “Scary Numbers

  1. The site gives the details of the 3196 hits in a spreadsheet, which is instructive. Amost all the incidents pertain to the following areas (a) J&K (b) North East – primarily Assam and Manipur (c) Naxal hit areas – Bihar, Jharkhand, AP and Orissa. This means many things
    (i) The middle and upper classes, who live in their own world, and want their own gated communities – we are more feudal than most other nations.
    (ii) What we (the middle/ upper classes) perceive as India’r problems (e.g. the Aarushi murder case) are not what they perceive as their problems. The average politician realises this better than we think, if only to get elected.

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