Tales from the Crib

With the previous break a fast fading memory, the next one too far away and my mind too blunted and sensible to come up with good escapist fantasy, I am BORED. Yes. I could work. But I don’t want to. I have caught up on all the blogs, the cartoons, the webzines and now that I have descended to reading reviews of Jap restaurants in New York (consider the uselessness of this.. I’m unlikely to visit East Village in the near future AND I am vegetarian) it is perhaps time I gave in and left. All those books from the Oxford Bookstore are calling out to me. Sigh. But going back to the aerie not possible. If I return I shall be questioned. Imaginary dialogue would go, so:

X: “Wow! You are back early!”

knitted brow as realisation of how early happens.

X: “Is everything okay? Are you not well? Have you got your period?

Me: (in truth scenario) “No. I just wanted to read the books I bought”

X: “Oh. Then you can come with me to buy the shoe rack. And the cupboard. Or why don’t you clean your clothes shelf out and sort the things you are not going to use. And … ”

Me: (in not so truth scenario) “Yeah. Feeling a little off. I’m just going to lie down and relax (code for read a book)

X: “I told you not to wash your hair and go out without drying it. I will make some kashayam for you. And sleep! Your eyes will fall out one day from reading so much. Just like your patti. Tchah. This vamsham… ”

Oh well. I better find a decent semi-dry park / footpath and hope Salman Khan is not going to drive over it. Its the only place that Mohsin Hamid and I can be alone.



2 responses to “Tales from the Crib

  1. Mohsin Hamid is GOD. I loved his reluctant….. Dunno if you managed to read his second book. Sadly I have to give it a miss for sometime as Kalpakkam does not have a bookshop. Sigh! As forthe movie review, I read the review and did not understand the ending one bit. Is it supposed to mean that actually Pathak was the killer or something?

    Try to get your mom here before I leave. It is Extremely short notice. Alternatively she can meet the baby once am back. Am guessing she would visit bombay again.

    Take care and do not panic. Eyes do NOT fall out!!!!!!!!! 🙂


  2. 🙂 now you shall have all the time in the world to read eh? unlike me who has to sneak into the bathroom. come and volunteer to babysit. please?

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