Nowhere Via Darjeeling

Via Darjeeling

This movie begins well enough. Its the last day of Sharma’s (Kay Kay Menon) and Rimli’s (Sonali Kulkarni)honeymoon. They have a loud argument with their cab driver who is driving rashly and then head up to pack, have one last cup of tea and leave. While Rimli is in the bath, the phone apparently rings and then Sharma disappears. By evening, the police is called in. Enter Robin (Ravin elsewhere in India… but this bengland movie) played by Vinay Pathak. He makes Rimli recount her experiences and asks the oiliest questions in the oiliest voice – Love or Arranged Marriage, Any boyfriends / girlfriends, any jhagda. Rimli tells him of a man (Parvin Dabas) whom she thinks has been following her. Her husband was inclined to dismiss her reports as hallucinations. The driver with whom the fight occurred is brought in, cuffed on the ear a couple of times and sent off for ‘questioning’. Rimli, standing by while all this happens, thinks she sees the silhouette of her husband walking away, but they have no luck.

At this point, you realise the narrative so far is actually story being told later by Robin (Vinay Pathak) at a party in Calcutta. He claims that this is an unsolved case. From here on in, the movie goes completely downhill. It turns into each of the (increasingly drunken) characters making up their version of events and taking potshots at each other. Its supposed to be deep stuff – the sensational journalist thinks Rimli planned the kidnapping with with her (reluctant to do the deed) ex-boyfriend (Parvin Dabas). His wife (housewife material) thinks its the other way round, a pregnant Rimli had no option but to marry Kaykay but now that she is, she wants to be ABN (Adarsh Bharatiya Nari) while the boyfriend wants to do the deed so they can have a life together. The much divorced, drunkard TV actress only takes potshots. The fledgeling film maker thinks, its Sharma who wanted Rimli killed and he hired Parvin Dabas to do the honors. Each version takes about 15 mins to get through and by the time you get to the point where the policeman is doing a second version, you realise the movie might well get over.

As a last minute prize, the screenplay offers the late arrivals to the part, a Sangita and her fiance who turn out to be Sonali Kulkarni and Parvin Dabas. At this point, Robin (who is the only person who has actually seen all parties concerned) has left the party. He however, has forgotten his cell phone and goes back to get it. Sangita (the Sonali Kulkarni) heads down the corridor to get the door and just as she is turning the doorknob, the screen goes black. And the credits roll. To tune of Bengali rock.

Did PVR have a power cut at the crucial moment or did these chaps ACTUALLY make that ending? Either way, give it a miss, unless you are a huge Kay Kay / Pathak fan (which one is permitted to be even after this movie since they have delivered the goods) or you want cheap, obvious psychology and arty-fartiness.


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