It’s My Life?

48 hours ago – I was sitting in a ”KTV” in Manila.  I thought it would be like a bar, except with karaoke. Was looking forward to laughing at all the dopes who sang cheesy songs with great passion. So it was a shock when I entered the KTV and saw it was a series of private rooms where each party got a song-list, a mike and the space to make idiots of themselves. I realised it is possible to laugh at people making cakes of themselves singing cheesy songs, then turn around and sing ”Libyan on a Jetplane” very badly and laugh some more.

30 hours ago – Having successfully managed to get all shoes into the bags and all the bags checked in and got through immigration without killing someone (it was a close thing with the lady who told me I needed to cough up 750 pesos as a usage fee for the Aquino airport), I was finally seated in plane and getting told by real estate developer in Manila that KL is a much better investment if I intend to buy.

26 hours ago – Running to make the connection at KLIA. Ahead of me on the walkway is this statuesque woman with absolutely fabulous legs in a white (and pink floral print) sundress.  In the check in line I hear a voice that sounds incredibly like N (complete with ironic mallu accent) and turn around to front view of babe who still looks very babelicious with full-on cleavage and all, but has also clearly had some help from medicine in the quest for feminine beauty. Walking up to the aircraft, we fell in beside each other and when she made some passing comment about the crowd, I craned neck to look up at her said she sounded incredibly like N. A short conversation ensued ending in Lakshmi and moi exchanging names, but the short conversation we did have was so much more like the one I have with my ‘real’ friends. And I look (and live)so much like the ‘good-south-indian-yuppie’. Why is this brain stuck in this life?

20 hours ago – Got past immigration where everyone within viewing radius (including my processing officer) was trying to look down Lakshmi’s cleavage, got the baggage and made it out to meet blah. For a minute even my mega-monster-headache went away when I saw him.

15 hours ago – Its light and I can hear conversation. I wake up to see mommy is dreadfully upset. Hear tale about  bag with  gods and Bhagavatam that got left behind in coach A2 of Udyan Express. There was no consoling her. So we trekked off by the 7:14 to VT. Arrived at 7:59.  Train departs at 8:05. I head off  to get the platform ticket and mom heads off to rescue her gods.  Dreadfully nervous about the mater giving herself a heart attack, I ran and ran and ran to make it and almost gave myself one! Got to A2 (which had to be right at the other end!!) and discovered the bag was not there. Attendants and TT’s were given phone numbers in case the bag did turn up and a minute after I huffed my way there, the whistle blew and train pulled out. Then got familiar with the cloak room and where to go for lost baggage. Still didn’t find the bag. Atleast I know where to go looking the next time. And I know how fast I can run to make a train!

10 hours ago – Family lunch where everyone is talking all at the same time and admiring the new baby and the new car and consuming huge amounts of food and cutting cakes for birthdays and anniversaries. The mega-monster-headache keeps growing new heads, but sympathy is a balm as all the aunts cluck and I get a massage from mommy. V calls with offers of a weekend in Shimla and now I’m dreaming of the hills again.



One response to “It’s My Life?

  1. Variety thy life ….I am hoping you can write about the tigrs post this weekend

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