Nonstop Action

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones – Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a full paisa vasool movie.  Its hard not to be impressed when the credits roll… Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Harisson Ford, Kate Blancett and the chappie from Transformers (Okay. Everyone else noticed the cars. I noticed the boy. My inner sixteen year old liked him). The opening sequence is like a mini-movie – it has very little to do with what comes later, but neatly slots some of the characters. Harisson Ford is the unflappable Indy, Kate Blanchett is the evil KGB agent and Ray Winstone (as Mac) is the betrayer. After surviving a nuclear explosion inside a refrigerator, our hero is asked to go on ‘indefinite leave of absence’ because the FBI suspects him of being a commie. (The film is set in the ’70’s). Just as he is packing up a young punk (This is Shia LeBoeuf… complete with motorcycle and switchblade) turns up with a letter from a former friend, a story about a crystal skull, finding El Dorado and how his kidnapped mother and the former friend need to be rescued.

The KGB agents are still on his trail – following Indy better strategy than digging up treasure maps and trying to decipher them. At this point the movie flags…  There is a leetle too much dialogue while Indy figures out the letter. They go to Peru, see a nun or two, find the crystal skull that drives people mad and then KGB catches up with them. This is where the fun really begins… breathless chases through the Amazon forest, guns, swordfights on moving jeeps, swinging from vine to vine like tarzan, fights in the middle of swarming hordes of man-eating giant red ants, driving off cliff into a tree, going over three waterfalls, getting chased by tribals and then ending up at el-dorado which really turns out to be a spaceship. That bit is predictable. And the aliens look like ET, except less friendly. But at that point who wanted originality :-).

After the movie ended I sat through the final credits to make sure the stunt men and doubles were suitably acknowledged. They were. But the soundtrack (which sucked) was in the credits too.


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