Coming fresh off this conversation and wondering how idealist my reaction should be.

One of the HR folks has been trying to find a replacement for our receptionist who quit a month ago. She has brought in about 15 candidates for consideration but they have been rejected on various grounds. The ones that are particularly offensive – physical appearance. “Get us a bombshell,” is the request. And the person(s) requesting are not joking or even phrasing this request in any more polite fashion. Its not that they don’t have the ability – these are top management types you are talking about. They just don’t care enough to put on a mask in this case.

The applicants for these jobs though are apparently used to all of this – they list their height and weight in the CV.

Sigh. I guess equality is only for those of us that are already equal.


One response to “Equal?

  1. Yup! We are all a prisoner of our births (borrowed freely from the latest Archer!) I quit one of my prev organizations in disgust over exactly the same thing…. the much laughed about male banter on their lusty thoughts and observations….. creepy.

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