Grafitti or Loving Mumbai

The day has arrived. I love Mumbai. These messages were left in red on the wall of the 9:13 fast to CST by the ‘Dream Team’ of ADSNSH.

“Love is not nothing but it is something which makes everything”

“One day he asked me what is important to you.

Me or your life?

I said my life.

Being upset he went away without knowing he is my life”

“Friendship is like the relation between the hands and the eyes.

Its like when the hands get hurt the eyes cries

and when the eyes cries the hands wipe the tears”

 Several smileys added to the words that have been reproduced here in all their ungrammatical glory.

Normally, messages scrawled on the  walls are reminders that the zenana of the ladies compartment has been breached, sometime in  the late hours. I’ve always thought of the scrawlers as impotent Alpha male types who cannot have notches on their bedpost, but can atleast count a scrawl on the ladies compartment wall in their achievements.

These messages (I’m assuming they were a valentines day special) brought a smile to my face. Maybe the beta type is coming out of the closet after all 🙂


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