Fix It or Nix It

This morning I caught a segment on Radio City’s  morning show called ‘Fix It’. Here’s how it works. You call up or message the RJ’s (all of whom go cutely by their first names only) and tell them your problem and they will fix it for you. On the air of course, so whoever is tuned in can catch the action.

 Today’s situation was this. Babe (Priya) and husband (Shashank) have been married for the past 10 months and live in an apartment complex in Currey Road or Charni Road or some such. Their neighbor (whose husband has a traveling job) has taken to visiting them in the evening wearing ‘transparent’ clothes. Priya wants this problem ‘fixed’. So the RJ’s dutifully call this woman and begin haranguing her. On Air. Salient points delivered in supercilious, over-jolly, radio voices were

– ‘understand. they are newly married and have josh no, so you shouldn’t go there’.

-‘since Shashank (the husband)isn’t calling you or anything, obviously he is not interested.

– ‘don’t you know any other single men’

– ‘you are married so you should not be so desperate’

 This poor woman was just in shock. To get these folks off her back she had to say ‘sorry’ on air and ‘promise’ that she would not do anything like this again. After a brief attempt at spirit saying ‘what does a promise on air mean when you have no way of making sure I keep it’ she just said ‘OK. I promise’. Satisfied, our RJ’s cut the call, made a few comments about ‘What kind of woman’ is this’ and played the next song. Song titled ‘Pyaar Ki Ye Kahaani Suno’.

I tried finding a spot on the radio station’s website to say how disgusting I found this whole segment. The whole thing is in bad taste and such a blatant violation of privacy merely to satisfy the whims of a voyeuristic public is irresponsible and should be punishable by law, if it is not already.   However, I found if you don’t have a cheery message, problem such as the one above which can be exploited on air or an advertisement to give them, it’s a little difficult to leave a message. Not wanting to risk leaving a phone number on their website, since I really do not want to risk being put on air, I’m contenting self with venting here. And I’m definitely going back to the iPod.


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