How Sick

When I was young, school hating little git that I was, I spent most Sunday evenings wishing for illness. Folks came up with a clear ‘sick’ metric for me. If I ran a temparature (over 100 was required, if it was 99 I needed to look really miserable) I could stay home. If not, it was off to school with me. Can’t remember a single time that I was happy at having won though. Every time I met the required temparature metric, realised school and good health were so much better!

This weekend has been the pits. Sick. And at the weekend. Blech.


One response to “How Sick

  1. Well, I still go to school and I do hope I’m ill sometimes. But, if I am as soon as my sister has gone to school I start hoping I was in School too.
    Being at home the whole day watching shows talking about Education is grim. XD

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