Amusement Update

A series of perfectly horrible movies has sent me running straight back into the arms of the written word. Now that I am all cosy from having read some lovely Asimov and lovelier Roddy Doyle I can talk about the awful movies.


 Laga Chunari Mein Daag. Now don’t ask me how I ended up watching it on the first day of release. First half was horrible. Rani Mukherji and her much used liquid eyes are much abused in city and the icky wince feeling gets worse with every passing minute. The cinematography is lovely, the Benares sequences look like extended Fab India advertisement and Ms. Sen-Sharma totally sucks at pretending she is small town innocent. The same morning I had read article in paper about how girls are turning to prostitution so they can put themselves through Oxford and Cambridge. Does our Ms. Mukherjee do that? Nein. Her sister might go to college but she herself must be the tragedy queen. Given how tragic she is, it is a  wonder she had any clientele.   Second half has a glowing Kunal Kapoor and becomes nice hindi movie which moves rapidly to happy ending for all. Much improvement on first half and therefore brings the movie up to the level where it can almost compare favourably with a 2 hour session at the dentists.

There was the Bhool Bhulaiya in between which was awful, slow and made me love Rajni. Then a Ben Afleck movie (Man About Town) watched in the spirit of ‘I am going to finish this movie even if it kills me’ – and it almost did. Most memorable line of movie from M. Afleck “I worked harder on my abdomen than my Marriage”. He certainly worked harder on it than on the movie!


One response to “Amusement Update

  1. You know, I just watched Laaga Chunri mein…Jeeezuz! Horrible ain’t the word for it! And, will someone please finally point out that Konkona Sen isn’t really a good actress. And, nor is Kunal Kapoor. Stock expressions work only if the character is suited for them. I’m not even going to bother commenting on Rani M and Aby B because well, one wouldn’t expect them to know how to act anyhow. But seriously, this was the PITS!
    Btw, you should watch Kukunoor’s Dor if you get a chance (and if you haven’t already seen it). Also, watched Chak De and I must say, I liked it despite the somewhat low-on-credibility ending.

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