The Page Rank

After a brief exile from the online world I came back to discover that someone came to this blog after searching for “Mallu Sex”. Again!  I looked at ClusterMaps and saw a couple of new red dots in Australia. Now I’m stuck with this image in my head of desperate desi man sitting somewhere in the outback and going online to get some ‘cos all the Ozzy Girls have headed to Bondi Beach.  I have one question for this much deprived gentleman (or lady) and another for the gods up there that give us our search results.

 a) Why Mallu Sex? And how on earth can you tell that its two Mallus doing it? We’re all as brown as one another! And for the money, I’ll bet you could get anyone to fake ‘Oooh’ with proper Mallu accent if its sound quality you are looking for.

b) How on earth did my page turn up on the results? Once I could understand. Someone hit “I’m feeling Lucky” when they really weren’t. But thrice?! Someone is having a real bad run of luck or someone at the search engine is having a good time assigning page ranks.


One response to “The Page Rank

  1. I be the telling you, every time you include the phrase in your blog, the more hits you will keep getting. Just you wait, and soon you will be linked from the playboy site! 😛

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