Throw Poos at the Screen, I Say!

After three weeks of saying,’This Week’ I finally made it! S showed herself to be a true kindred spirit. We not only talk together and start blogs with Hello World, we also think to watch same movies. Ye! In this third edition Jason Bourne finally figures out who he is. The pace of the movie is great though this version has some shaky camera work. Supposed to convey the chaos of story line and all, I know, but it only succeeded in almost giving me a head ache.

Story starts with journalist digging up Jason Bourne’s name and his connection to ‘Operation Blackfriar’. Evil CIA covert ops chappie issues order to kill said journalist. Fortunately for our journo Jason’s looking for him too. So a little chase around Waterloo station happens with Jason directing journo on how to stay ahead of his would-be assassins. Unfortunately our man decides to take matters in his own hand and gets  shot in the head, but his purpose in providing entertainment had been served. What follows is similar chases through Paris and Berlin and Spain and Morocco and finally in good ‘ol New York.

Jason gets his memory back, exposes the evil plot with a little help from a few women. He also gets the girl (one hopes!)and the cause of goodness is served. And I for one was extremely entertained while all this got done.


One response to “Throw Poos at the Screen, I Say!

  1. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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