Johnny G and Other Adventures

What a lovely week this is, barring cricket matches that were washed out or that you wished were washed out. Just as the weekend is done, one little Monday and back to holiday again. Before I know it, Friday evening will be here again. Ye!

Amongst other things, several movies have happened over the past few days – so much so, that my movie watching rate now easily beats my book reading rate.

There was Johnny Gaddar over the weekend at the friendly neighbourhood Hub. I love this cineplex. Tickets always available, no queues for the popcorn and the experience of watching a movie with 32 people in theater that can seat 10 times that number – unbeatable experience. That last gives me the feeling that the rest of the world is out there working hard and I am one the chosen idle few.

I’d wanted to watch Johnny G from the promos. The noir, stylized cinematography was full pull. I didn’t know anything else about it – director, most actors were all new or barely familiar faces. Now I want to get lot more familiar (purely in the third person) with the whole lot. Directed by Sriram Raghavan, Johnny G is thriller of best kind. Suspense is not in the who or the what but in the how. The story is of 5 partners in a deal to buy unspecified stolen goods for 2.5 crores and sell it at twice the amount within a few days. Dharmendra as the elder statesman crook named Seshu / Sesahdri is good. Vinay Pathak and Zakir Hussain as the warring  twosome are perfect but star of show is the  Neil Nitin Mukesh as the Gaddar who decides to steal the whole amount for himself. His intention for gaddari is limited to goods and not human life but things go badly wrong and each of his partners begins to die. No songs in the movie despite traces of some great music in the soundtrack, so the pace stays good and you stay at edge of seat waiting to see who’s next and how they die. Second half feels a little long but still a great movie! Fully recommend.

I’ve never been one to do movie marathons outside of a flight or even book marathons unless they are books of same genre. Mind doesn’t shift gears fast enough to go from Pixar to Pyaasa or in the book equivalent, Milan Kundera to Mills & Boon. Today though, all that changed. A’s hard disk plays host to several movies and the ones we picked to watch have more in common alphabetically than in terms of genre.

First pick (second actually – my tasteless companions didn’t want to watch Die Hard 4.0 again) was ‘We are Marshals’ – american sports movie. Total guy version of a chick flick these things are. This particular movie was about a small university in West Virginia whose football team, its coaching staff and some of its more dedicated fans died in a plane crash in the early 1970’s. In shock, the town and the univ manage to put together a team and send them out there the next season, where they win only their first home game (and that is where the movie ends). The team didn’t manage to win any title for the next 20 years and the minute they showed some signs of a winning streak, someone thought the ‘magic words’ based on ‘real story’ and voila – we have ‘We are Marshals’.

For more on the second, third ,fourth and fifth picks you will just have to come back later.


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