Oink Oink

I’m sure there is some scope for irony in this. The first movie I see after moving from Punju land to Mumbai is called Loins of Punjab. But I’m too depressed to come up with a smart one on that. After a sad few days of looking at houses, the VoF bunch decided on impulse to turn up for a movie at the local mall. Loins was starting at 8:30 – good time for us to watch movie and still head back to catch match in case India was doing reasonably. And it did turn out to be a bloody good time. There were all of 32 people in the hall (including a Leela Mami of N’s acquaintance)and all of us spent the next hour and half in splits and atleast us four got back in time to watch Yuvi and Dhoni decimate the Ozzy bowling. Purrfect Saturday.

Fully recommendation. Go watch the Loins.


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