Pottering Around

P thought it would be interesting to see who would turn up at the book store at 5:30 AM to buy HP7. I agreed. So Saturday morning found me actually waking up at 5 to drive by and pick up P so we could go do this ‘consumer insight’. It was all pretense of course – P wanted to pick up her copy as soon as she humanly could.

So P slunk into the store avoiding video cameras and sundry colleagues to stand in a queue for her copy. She braved a 10 minute queue and for her efforts got book and photo with it! By the time I finished wandering around the rest of the store and P convinced me to pick up my copy as well, the literate population of gurgaon was exhausted, the cameras were packed up and I walked up and finished the whole transaction in under 60 seconds. Now, 10 hours later, I'm done. How was it? Its over. And I can go back to Dawkins. Phew.


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