The Boss!


For connoisseurs of the ridiculous The Boss has much to offer. Every scene has crazy built into it – men who paint their potbellies and jiggle them in lieu of a dance, sequences that have hero and heroine change race, go blond, go angelic white and of course, the come back to life after electrocution thanks to defibrillator thing. And all this lasts for 4 hours.  

When the credits roll you realise this movie features the who-is-who of tam filmdom and you think “Is this what they could come up with?!”. The director has sacrificed storyline and economy in his attempt to showcase the superstar’s style. Full of references to his past hits and punch dialogues and attempts at them – the movie still falls flat on its face because the superstar is 57 and its showing!

Rajni is the gum-chewing, cool saying, ‘software architect’ who comes comes home after 20 years in the US of A so he can provide free education, free hospitals and free jobs in mills with the 200 + crores he has amassed. Significant portions of said 200 crores he sacrifices in paying bribes only to see nothing coming of it. In between he romances the Shreya who is supposed to be ‘Tamizh Ponnu’ except she morphs into Baby Doll a little too often,. The first half sees Rajni the benevolent NRI-cool-dude who runs around giving away money and bad economics lectures reduced to penury and giving his beloved merc away to lawyer as fees for a case he loses. Second half started off with some hope when Rajni goes Robin Hood and funds his dreams with blackmail and black money. But everytime the action gets going they remember this is a ‘rajni the superstar movie’ and they do some song or some strange aside to showcase his ‘superstarness’ and phat!  Rehman’s music was quite forgettable per me. The rest of the cast hardly shows except for Vivek. Don’t even get me started on the whole love interest thing in the movie and what it says about popular culture.

There were flashes that were interesting– the spoofs of Shivaji and MGR, the sequence where they take on the whole ‘must be fair’ thing that tams have. Oh! That reminds me – the product placements! Fair and Lovely, Nokia, British Airways and I even suspect the Merc. Wonder how much each of them shelled out – and how much they regret it now.

All in all, full thumbs down to the boss. But this might also be me the philistine when it comes to my native culture speaking. Go watch it for yourself and decide.


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