Root Cause

Yesterday was not the best of days so I had to turn to random poem on minstrels for consolation. Having done this quite often, I’ve now got it down to the level where I look for omens in the poems the algorithm throws up. By those standards, yesterday became very good. I got lovely poems and poets thrown at me. Even one billy collins that I didn’t recall reading before. I also had this one thrown at me

What He Said

What could my mother be
to yours? What kin my father
to yours anyway? And how
did you and I meet ever?
But in love
Our hearts have mingled
like red earth and pouring rain.

       — Cempulappeyanirar

This poem has always blown me away and I thought, if its this good in English the original must be even better. A bit of searching led me here. It took me a few minutes to string the alphabets together and read it and then I realized I didn’t understand a word! Tchah.

Thank god for translators – those wonderful folks who are in touch with their roots and know their tam. 


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