Shuga Free Sundays

While I am being remarkably irresponsible in my duties as a working adult some lenient fate is rewarding me. Good books, nice movies, pleasant (if mildly depressed) company in those activities that demand it and a lovely full moon to keep me company on my walks and make my adrenaline high even higher.

Earlier today was lucky enough to get tickets to ‘Cheeni Kum’ on short notice. Good chick flick after a long time. Especially appeals to those of us that wait and wait and keep thinking ‘true love will happen when it will’. So now I think I can wait till I’m 64 and my Tabu might come along. (I’m sorry… but she appealed to me a hell of a lot more than AB did). The first half of the movie with its snippy dialogue worked a lot better than the second. My favourite scenes are definitely the ones with the mallu waiter. They were laugh out loud funny. The second half flags inspite of a good performance by Paresh Rawal. One rather wishes they had kept Zohra Sehgal around to give AB advice on how to conduct his campaign instead of sending her off to Hardwar and leaving the job to a dying 7 year old. Ok the characters and some of the story line are very trite, but when it comes to chick flicks, t’is best to be trite and give (this) audience a happy ending!


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