Yo Ho Ho!

So why am I up at 1 AM? Sparrows of one kind wake me up early, but it seems Jack Sparrow can keep me up late. I confess. I managed to miss Pirates 1 and Pirates 2 and never really thought it was something to regret (it IS a Disney movie) And then I saw Pirates 3. Johnny Depp rocks!  Any pirate who can mince as beautifully as he does and say dialogues like “and its pronounced egreegious, darling” while still staying intense… ummm. Okay. I am a recent convert to the Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow fan club and that is showing.

The movie is a bit long and there is a little too much of Orlando Bloom, Kiera Knightly and true love in it. I didn’t get nearly enough of Johnny, the monkey, the parrot and the various crew members of the Black Pearl. But there is hope. Johnny has set off in search of the fountain of youth (ye! There will be a pirates 4) and now that Orlando and Keira are married, and like good married couples do it once in 10 years, we can leave them out of the cast.


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