La Fin – The End

 There are days that are so horrible that they leave you counting the small blessings (full Hallmark Card feeling happens). Today was one of them, so the evening found me counting the small blessings. What were mine? Well I won’t bore you with that. I’ll bore you with other stuff J

Went out for the adrenaline fix close to 7:30 today. Its still twilight outside at that time of day, quite pleasant. By the time I’d gotten through INXS and hit my stride, night had begun to fall. School is out for summer so there are tonnes of kids playing. I passed by one lot in the cricket field that were persisting in pretending there was enough light to play. I could hear them more than I could see them. Perhaps that was the key though, they were being ‘bat’men 😉

I could perfectly remember that summer holiday feeling when I saw them– the one where its dark, play is really done, you might even be bored out of your wits and quite ready to head home but its ‘Summer!’ – how can you go in until you’ve been called atleast 5 times?!

When I was a child I didn’t realise I was enjoying my childhood. Now I see that I did. Things were ‘finished’ when I was younger. I had the satisfaction of an ending each year – a last day of the school year and old textbooks going to another shelf. I got so used to that and now I am supposed to be an adult and nothing is ever ever finished. Every project goes on and on. Nothing ends robustly. Nobody ever says – this is the end, here is your report card, school is out and summer is in.


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