Run to the Hills – 3: To the Town and Back

Mukteshwar is a tiny little town. All of its commerce is along one 500 m stretch of road. Once you walk past the market there is a ‘chauraha’ from where the road winds up to the tourist attractions

  • Chauli Ki Jali
  • The Siva temple
  • The PWD guest house with its 180 degree view of the mountains

R and I were huffing a bit as we began the climb up to the PWD and a local policeman took it upon himself to encourage us. ‘Chalo chalo madam’ or some such which truly irritated a normally placid R. Now I’m going to cheat and pass lightly by our visit of the PWD – I’m even resisting holding forth on KMVN and their bad business strategy. We are also going to pass equally lightly over our visit to the temple (it was a brief one, as you might imagine!) and our rather longer stop at chauli ki jali where we met the ‘caveman’ guide. All of this took us till about 5:30 in the evening and the sun was beginning to set.

There is no public transport in M’war in the later part of the day. One either has to wait till there is enough quorum for the local taxi guy to make the trip or walk. Since we didn’t quite manage the quorum  it was the walk. R managed to charm a couple of locals and we followed them down the hill. A three hour walk cut down to one and some insight on the way into the life of our guide. The last rays of the sun saw us back at Mystic.


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