Chasing Dogs

A recently acquired adrenaline addiction forces me out every night. In the past I never quite understood why people would run around the same building 5 times – but now I’m so desperate for a fix I’m willing to do precisely that. Of course, drowning my mind to discotheque (wonly the hexadecimal mix please) totally helps.

Af ter I walked around the same building 5 times, the dogs began to recognize me and its rude to ignore beings that recognize one, so I began to stop to pet them and say hello. Then I started worrying about them – who feeds them, where do they sleep, what do they do if they get thirsty and of course which ba&*^$d left them behind – because these don’t look like street dogs. Rather they seem to belong to the class of someone’s puppy but no one’s dog.

For a few days I patted them on the head and said ‘tomorrow baby’ and let the guilt build to critical mass. And today apparently was the day for that!  So off I went (to the tune of Salome ) once I saw the dogs and felt that unbearable pang of ‘poor baby’ to acquire something edible. Half a loaf of bread purchased, I came jogging back to do my good deed for the day only to find the two of them missing. It must have been quite funny to the other residents out for their gentle post dinner constitutionals to see me running around clutching a loaf of bread, looking underneath cars rather desperately and saying ‘bloody dogs’J

I did find them and feed them after a bit and never have I seen bread gulped down so fast! Of course one felt very very good samaritan. And that mixed up with the adrenaline. Very heady! Strangely though – these and other episodes are only serving to convince me that pet ownership is somehow wrong. But that is a debate for another day.


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