Bheja Fried!

This week is rather depressing when compared to weeks past. Its not that something bad is happening, rather that nothing good is! Anyways to console myself, I covered for both the long term and the short term. In the long term I made plans to run away to the hills and for the short term I ran away to the movies and got my Bheja Fried. J

I remember someone saying ‘Oh, but it’s a remake of that French Film’. (yes it is apparently a remake of Le Diner de Cons). However, it still takes talent to translate something well to the Indian scene. The perfection with which accents of even the most minor characters– from the Jamshedpuri singer to the Mallu nurse calling in to report an accident – have been picked must be appreciated. Vinay Pathak and Rajat Kapoor carry off their roles very well – and they had a lot to carry off! . Most of the movie is shot within one room of an apartment and all the action is based on conversations. The completely indoor setting did give one a claustrophobic feeling towards the end, but it would have set in a lot earlier if it were not for the brilliance of the dialogue. Ranvir Shorey’s tax inspector was quite overdone, so that jarred a bit. Overall though – AAAFull Recommendation.  

Oh. Of course I had full paisa vasool because I learnt two new hindi words – ba#$%er and P*^%a – and a combination of the two results in a beautiful Captain Haddock like curse. Except more gross.


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