Brodsky on the Brain

Its been a couple of years since I first came across Brodsky’s poetry. At the time this poem impressed me- it now seems less appealing; a product from a time when his creative juices had thinned. However, it did start off a long overdue ‘resolve these issues’ discussion with a friend, so for that atleast I will always be kindly inclined to M. Brodsky and his poetry. By the end of this conversation we had moved to Akhmatova . It seemed like a sign at the time, and still does. For it was she, that decided that M. Brodsky was (to quote the Nobel profile) ‘one of the greatest lyric voices of his generation’.

In my searches for more fixes of the Russkies I came across A Century of Recorded Poetry. Ohgod. Amazing poems, but most of them are too big for the human voice. Brodsky, for instance, is almost incomprehensible in his rendering of Odysseus to Telemachus. But he does sound very Russian and very Sexy J


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